Health points determine how long you are able to survive in a battle. Once your Health Points (HP) are down to zero, you will be sent to the Hospital. While in Hospital, you are no longer able to perform many things such as: mugging, attacking, training, busting, or moving cities.

Every five minutes your health will partially regenerate regardless of whether or not you are in the Hospital. You may also recover portions of your HP by using Medi-Kits, which come in 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent boosts.

Each new level you gain will see that your Maximum HP is increased by 50 points, potentially making you last longer in battles.


Energy is used for several of the main activities within the game such as training at the Gym and to initiate battles. The energy you use at the Gym will help determine the increase in your selected battle attributes. When attacking another player, it uses 25% of your energy per attack, and an attack cannot be initiated unless you have at least 25% energy available.

Every five minutes your energy will increase by 10% if you are a standard player, or by 20% if you are a Respected Mobster. You can instantly gain a full bar of energy by using your points at the Point Shop to refill it. Each new level you gain will see an increase of one Maximum Energy.


Awake points determine how efficiently you train at the Gym, and how effective you are when you do crimes, mug players or rob gang vaults. The higher your current Awake points (actual points, not percentage), the higher the battle attributes gained from each Gym session.

Awake points regenerate at the slow rate of five points every five minutes. You may choose to instantly regenerate a full bar of Awake by consuming an Awake Pill or using your points at the Point Shop to refill it.

To increase the total amount of Awake points you have available, you must purchase a new house from the Move House screen.


Nerve is used for the main crime related activities. Certain crimes, mugging, robbing gang vaults, and busting players out of Prison, all require certain amounts of Nerve to do. The success of these crimes is largely based upon the amount of Nerve you have.

Nerve points regenerate at a rate of 20% every five minutes. You are also able to instantly refill your entire Nerve bar by using your points at the Point Shop.

Each new level you gain will see a one point increase in your Maximum Nerve.


Experience points are what determine when you reach your next level. When your Experience bar reaches full, you will progress to the next level and you will gain additional Maximum vital stats in Health, Energy, and Nerve.

You can gain experience in a number of ways, these include: battling (and winning against) other players, completing crimes, busting players out from Prison, mugging other players, and robbing gang vaults.