Your level is increased each time you reach a full bar of Experience points (EXP). With each new level, the maximums on several of your Vital Stats are increased. When gaining levels, you should be sure to also work on raising your Attributes such as Strength, Defense, and Speed so that you do not become an easy target for other players.


Any money you wish to use on making item purchases, donating to gangs, gambling, and most other activities will need to be on hand. Any money on hand can be lost when people attack or mug you whilst you are not in Hospital or Prison.


Before you can store money in the bank, you must open an account. Once money is stored in the bank, it can not be taken from you. Money stored in a bank account also accumulates interest daily up to a certain amount, so it's an excellent option for storing money and saving up for things you may need.


Points are used to refill your Vital Stats (energy, nerve, and awake) to full, or partial, capacity. Points can be gained in a number of ways such as through the Search Downtown page, Lucky Dip, Points Lottery, 50/50 Chance, by buying them with money in the game from the Point Dealer or Point Market, or by purchasing them with real money via the Upgrade Account page.