Maximum Secure Storage

Although Gang Vaults can store unlimited amounts of money in them, each Vault has a maximum amount of money that can be securely stored in it (ie. Unable to be robbed). A new gang will be able to securely store $100,000,000 in it, and this amount is increased every 10 levels the gang gains.

Vault Condition

The Vault Condition is what determines what amount of money in the Vault is secure/safe from robbery. Anything 95% and above will allow for 100% of the maximum secure money to be stored safely. One below 95%, the maximum secure amount drops according to the Vault Condition.

Each day the Vault Condition of your Gang Vault will drop by 2%, or 3% if your gang has no owner. The Vault Condition can be repaired by completing one of the Repair Gang Vault gang crimes. Each time you successfully complete one of these, it will push back the time of the Vault's next deterioration depending on how much is repaired.

Gangs that have a Vault Condition of 0% for seven or more days (they don't have to be consecutively missed days) will be automatically purged.

A warning will appear when the Vault's condition reaches 0% and there will be another warning letting you know how many more days you can stay on low condition until the gang is purged from the system.

Secured and Unsecured Money

On the Vault screen in the gang, it will display Secured Money and Unsecured money underneath the Vault Condition. These will let you know how much of the money in the vault is currently safe from being robbed, and how much is left vulnerable to robbers. As long as the Unsecured Money is at $0, your gang is safe from potential robbers.


Gang Vaults can store an unlimited amount of Points in them. Points are always secure and can not be robbed or stolen.


Each Gang may store up to 500 items in total. Any items loaned, on the market, or in the gang's vault are counted towards this total.