Gang Events

The Gang Events page displays a list of events relating to your gang. Events displayed here include when a player applies for, joins, leaves, or is kicked from the gang and whether or not a gang crime has failed or succeeded.

Vault Log

The Vault Log page displays any events relating to your gang's vault. This page will show any items, money, or points that have been donated to the gang or sent to a player from the gang, any money added to the vault from successful gang crimes, any time the vault is repaired, and more.

Battle Log

The Battle Log page shows all battle activity relating to members of your gang. It details who initiated the battle, who the defending player was, who won the battle, how much EXP was gained if the battle was won by a gang member, and if the battle was an online or offline hit.

The battle logs can also be filtered by three options. The "All," "Attack," and "Defense" filters. The "Attack" filter will only display logs of battles that were initiated by a gang member, the "Defense" filter will only display logs with a gang member as a defender, and the "All" option will display all types.