Gang Crime

The Gang Crime page displays any gang crimes waiting for more participants to begin, a list of crimes in progress, and crimes that have already ended.

You can only participate in one gang crime at a time, so it's always best to consult with your fellow gang members to determine which you should join.

Some gang crimes may require that you have mastered a regular crime before you can participate. If you encounter a message saying you need to master a crime before joining, you should seek out the crime and master it so you may join future attempts at this gang crime.

A gang crime will halt and need to be started from the beginning if a participating member leaves, is kicked from, the gang.

Crime Management

The Crime Management screen will display a list of all gang crimes your gang can begin. The list will have any active gang crimes highlighted and have an option to cancel them.

Gang Crimes that require the same number of members will generally have multiple durations. Any gang crimes with lower durations for the number of members required will have higher payouts per hour than those that you can just set and forget.

The Crime Management page is also where you go to organise any Vault Repairs. Selecting one of the Vault Repair crimes from this page will allow you to organise any members and carry out repairs to keep your vault secure.