The Lottery runs once each day and gives you the chance at winning big quantities of money and/or points. You can enter both the Money and Points lotteries each day, or just pick or the other if you want.

Lucky Dip

The Lucky Dip costs a small amount of money to play and once played, you may receive an item, money, points, or possibly nothing at all. You can do the Lucky Dip once each day.

Slot Machine

The Slot Machine can be played up to 250 times each day. It works like a simplified slot machine and can be an excellent source of money each day.

Higher / Lower

Higher / Lower is a simple card based game in which you guess whether or not the next card drawn is going to be higher or lower than the current card. Each card you guess successfully will win you more money.

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is another simple game of chance in which you select how many bullets you would like to play with. If you survive the game, you have the chance to win money or points (you win more if you use more bullets), though if you lose, you're sent straight to Hospital!