Repair Centre

The repair centre allows you to repair any of your items or equipment that have dropped below 100% quality rating. Make sure to repair them before they drop so low that you will need to replace them with a new one instead!


The Job screen is a listing of all jobs in the game. Jobs provide you with daily money, Strength, Defense, Speed, and Work Experience (Work EXP). All jobs require you to have a certain amount of Work EXP and Attributes before you may take them.

For you to be paid each day for your Job, you must visit the Job screen and Clock In. If you do not Clock In, you will not receive any of your job's pay, Work EXP, or additional Attributes.


The Bank is a secure place to store all of your money. Once you have opened up an account, you can store anything up to your bank's maximum capacity and it will be safe from being attacked or mugged away from you.

Every so often you are able to raise the limit on your bank account for a fee, this is helpful as you level so you can store money to save for a House or new items. Each day money in your bank account will have interest calculated and applied, so the more you keep in there, the better off you are.